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Randy Robinson credits the staff at Sparrow Specialty Hospital with saving his life.

Not just through medical care, mind you, but through their compassionate, sensitive care.

“I can’t say enough good things about them,” says Robinson, 57, a retired bus driver for Holt Public Schools. “As far as care, they were above any normal range of care. They were almost like family.”

Robinson had major abdominal surgery in May 2010 that required him to be placed in a drug-induced coma for several weeks. He eventually came to Sparrow Specialty Hospital to receive the slow, painstaking treatment necessary for him to regain his strength enough to resume his normal life.

He says he received great treatment and felt good when he left in July for a short-term rehabilitation facility. But he had to return to Sparrow weeks later and he says that’s made all the difference.

When he returned to Sparrow Specialty Hospital in early August, he told a security guard, “Thank God I’m here. I’ll get taken care of here.”

Robinson says SSH staff are always available and helpful and are sensitive to each patient’s physical and emotional needs. He says the many staff specialists work hand in hand on a patient’s treatment program.

“It’s almost like a family-type atmosphere. They’re not just saying they care – they mean it.”