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Sparrow Specialty Hospital and its staff utilize a variety of techniques to care for patients, concentrating on both mind and body.


Medically Complex Patient Program

Sparrow Specialty Hospital's Medically Complex Patient Program is designed for patients having multi-system failures or issues.

The program provides comprehensive rehabilitation therapies to build strength and stamina. This enables them to progress to the next level of care. The ultimate goal is to help patients return to their home or community.

The program includes a thorough assessment to identify care and treatment plans for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, immune deficiencies, endocrine disorders, infectious diseases, renal insufficiency and surgical recovery.

Specific areas addressed may include disease management, medication, nutrition, endurance, and many others.

Complex Pulmonary Program

Sparrow Specialty Hospital is able to put a special focus on patients having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia and other respiratory infections, acute respiratory failure, and chronic lung disease, among other conditions. Special treatment and staff expertise aims to help these patients improve quality of life and aid in their recovery.

Ventilator Weaning Program

Sparrow Specialty Hospital is home to one of the premier ventilator weaning programs in Michigan.

The program provides comprehensive care designed to free patients from being dependent on ventilators and tracheostomies and maximize their well-being and independence.

The goals are medical stability, safe swallowing, and educating patients and caregivers, among other things.

Sparrow Specialty Hospital's gentle and relaxed weaning process often allows a patient to adjust to ventilator changes for several days before another change is made.

A multi-disciplinary team comprised of a dietician, nurses, physicians, pulmonologist and therapists oversee the treatment plan.

To be accepted into Sparrow Specialty Hospital's weaning program, a patient must have a tracheostomy prior to admission and must have failed at least one weaning attempt at a short-term hospital. Patients who appear to need more time to wean off a ventilator may also be accepted.

We count many weaning success stories.

One of our ventilator-dependent patients wanted to dance more than anything. One of our respiratory therapists arranged to have a favorite song, Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea," played in her room, and danced with the patient while she was still on the ventilator. She was eventually weaned off the equipment and went home.

Anther patient came to Sparrow Specialty Hospital with multiple complex medical issues. He was liberated from a ventilator and other therapy within weeks and was soon home visiting grandchildren. He reached an important milestone by renewing his driver's license.

Wound Management Program

Sparrow is the leader in mid-Michigan in healing long-term and serious wounds.

A patient may be admitted to the Complex Wound Management Program with non-healing wounds common to those with diabetes, infections, long-term steroid use, major abdominal surgery, hip or knee replacement, pressure ulcers, traumatic injuries, and numerous other causes.

Treatment aims to repair wounded tissues, but it is a complex process. Patients face serious risk of infection and may have multiple medical complications.

A multidisciplinary team collaborates to evaluate and manage nutrition, pain control, and prevention and control of infection, among other factors.

Some of these recuperative methods are designed to lessen the stress and anxiety that can sometimes accompany a hospitalization.  Others build strength or attempt to make a patient’s stay as pleasant as possible.


Dialysis Services

Our dedicated dialysis team is prepared to meet the needs of patients who come to Sparrow Specialty Hospital needed peritoneal and hemodialysis.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services are provided to support your healing process at Sparrow Specialty Hospital. A therapist will perform an initial evaluation and then generate an individualized plan of care, with a range of treatment that is coordinated with other care to maximize patient function and safety.

Sparrow Specialty Hospital provides Low-Tolerance Rehabilitation services to patients with musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, as well as those whose conditioning has lapsed as a result of serious illness. The program is specifically designed for patients needing rehabilitation for: fractures, joint replacement, amputations, multiple trauma, brain injury, spinal cord injury and degenerative diseases, among other things.

Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services at Sparrow Specialty Hospital can improve a patient’s cognitive, physical and emotional skills by strengthening and training them on specific tasks. Occupational therapists examine a task, such as teeth brushing, and determine what skills are needed to perform the task. The patient gets instruction on accomplishing the task.

Bathing, dressing, cleaning, making meals and home safety help patients feel more independent. Our occupational therapists focus on regaining daily independence.

Therapists also help with upper body strengthening, endurance exercises, balance activities and other training.

Physical Therapy Services develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function where injury, disease or aging have threatened those abilities. Goals may include bed mobility, ambulatory training, endurance, strength training and improving balance.

Speech Therapy Services evaluate and treat patients with disorders of swallowing, speaking, reading, writing, memory, problem solving, reasoning and other disorders that may result from injury, illness or post-surgery complications. Communication is key to care and recovery because patients must express their wants and needs and be able to follow directions to participate fully in their care and recovery.

Ostomy Services

Our team of specialists is prepared to meet the needs of patients who come to Sparrow Specialty Hospital with a colostomy, ileostomy or urinary diversion.

Our wound team, occupational therapists and ostomy nurse work together to help you learn to care for yourself and your stoma. Assistance with pouch selection, skin protection, diet and physical activities is provided.

We include family in our education process and are available after discharge for questions.

Integrative Therapy Services

Stress can interfere with the body's natural healing abilities. As a result, Sparrow Specialty Hospital offers integrative therapy services to emphasize the "whole person" view of health and healing, blending conventional and alternative therapies.

Patient are empowered to be an active partner in their healing process and stress is reduced.

Among the methods used are:

  • Massage Therapy, an ancient touch technique for manipulating the soft tissues of the body.
  • Therapeutic Music Intervention harnesses the connection between music and mood. Scientific data shows that music has nurturing effects on patients exposed to typical anxieties related to being in a hospital.
  • Integrative Medicine blends the best of conventional medicine with the best healing therapies. It emphasizes a partnership between the patient and caregiver and advocates prevention of illness through education and coaching.
  • Aromatherapy, which utilizes the scent from oils distilled from plants, flowers, herbs, leaves and trees to promote health and well-being.
  • Pet Therapy. Evidence shows that petting an animal can release endorphins, chemicals in the body that suppress pain response. Our trained therapy dogs provide love and companionship and ease the stress of the hospital setting.