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Sparrow Pharmacy Plus, Inc. is an affiliate of Sparrow Health System - the name Mid-Michigan residents have relied on for more than 100 years for quality, compassionate, cost-effective care.

What could be more convenient?

What could be more convenient than a full-service pharmacy right near your doctor's office? Our locations are well known throughout Mid-Michigan for high-quality and efficient service. Plus, our Pharmacy Plus locations offer free local delivery, offering convenience and safety for you and your loved ones. Just ask one of our pharmacy caregivers for delivery and we’ll assist you in coordinating delivery to your home.

Full-service pharmacy

A pharmacist is always on duty to accurately and efficiently fill your prescription and to answer your questions.

Order quickly by phone

All Sparrow pharmacies offer IVR – or Interactive Voice Response -- phone refill lines. This means you can call any of our locations at any time of the day or night and enter your prescription refill request using your touchtone phone. Simply dial the number for the appropriate location and follow the voice prompts. Our pharmacists will retrieve the information when the store opens and fill them as quickly as possible. Remember that refills for compounds will still require 48-hour turnaround and that our online refill request system also is available for use around the clock

Online refills

Patients of Sparrow Pharmacy Plus locations and Sparrow Clinton Hospital pharmacies can refill their prescriptions conveniently online.

Get started with Sparrow online pharmacy refills. Or, you can simply scan the QR code printed on your prescription bottle with your smartphone!

Variety of over-the-counter medications

Most locations carry a variety of over-the-counter cold and flu medications, pain relievers, lozenges, bandages and other health aids for your comfort and convenience.

A pharmacist is always available during hours of operation.

In addition to our Pharmacy Plus locations, there is the Carson Apothecary Shoppe on the west side of Carson City Hospital in Carson City.

Medication Disposal ProgramSparrow now offers a Medication Disposal Program at seven locations throughout our Mid-Michigan service area. The program provides an easy way for patients and community members to properly dispose of excess medications they no longer need or use. Find one near you along with a list of accepted medications.

Poison Control CenterCall 1.800.222.1222 or get help online for questions on a negative med event such as taking the wrong medicine or help with identifying a loose pill.