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Sparrow gives individualized treatment to neuroscience patients, with units devoted solely to different levels and stages of their care.

That allows patients to receive more specialized treatment that better addresses their varying health needs.

The units are:

  • Neuro Intensive Care Unit and Neuro Step-Down Unit
  • Ortho/Neuro Unit
  • Sparrow Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

Neuro Intensive Care Unit and Neuro Step-Down Unit

These units employ nurses specially trained to care for neurological patients. Along with nursing excellence, both units operate under the direction of the same team leader to assure continuity of care.

Ortho/Neuro Unit

For patients with a more stable neurological outlook. The unit has special nursing teams who also have experience with neurological patients. They care for many post neuro-surgical patients who do not have a need for an advanced neuro area.

Rehab Nursing

The Sparrow Inpatient Rehabilitation Program consists of a 31-bed unit with a full range of medical and therapy services. It is accredited both by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit provides services for patients with physically disabling conditions due to stroke, head injury, arthritis, amputation, spinal cord injury or other disorders. It is located across from the Neuro ICU and Step-Down areas to assure continuum of care.