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Inpatient rehabilitation patients have impairments in one of the following areas -- cognitive function, communication skills, mobility, self-care activities or pain management. Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield require that you be able to tolerate three hours of therapy a day. Other insurance carriers may have other guidelines, requirements or limitations that can influence their payment for your inpatient rehabilitation admission.

Once a referral is received from a physician or another referral source, a rehabilitation coordinator performs a pre-admission evaluation to gather information about your past medical and surgical history, current medical status, functional limitations, insurance, support system and discharge plan. Information also may be obtained from other members of the rehabilitation or professional team familiar with your case.

The rehabilitation coordinator or the rehabilitation physician reviews the information from the pre-admission evaluation. The rehabilitation coordinator or the rehabilitation physician notifies you of the admission decision and, if needed, makes suggestions for an alternative treatment plan. The rehabilitation coordinator then arranges for your admission to the rehabilitation unit if you meet the admission guidelines and your physician feels you are medically stable.