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Linda Bennett, 66, had lived with the episodes for years: a racing heart, lightheadedness, general chest discomfort. In April, she and her Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute physicians – now mid-Michigan's leading heart team – decided on a treatment plan to correct these issues: She had a procedure called cardiac ablation to correct her abnormal heart rhythm. "I am so at peace now," says Linda, who resides with her family in Holt.

She says her Sparrow cardiologists, James Schafer, M.D., and Mark Castellani, M.D., "were amazing. They included me in the decision-making. They let me know exactly what they were going to do. I felt like part of the team." Not surprising, since Sparrow's leading heart team understands the importance of involving patients in their care, treating each one like family.

Bennett says she had lived with the episodes for nearly a decade but had tired of wondering when the next one would occur: Would she be driving or playing with her grandchildren?

"I don't have to have that weight over me all the time. I can lead a normal life without the big worry of whether I'm going to have one of those episodes." Plus, she says, her children don't have to fret about Mom's heart issues.

Bennett says she would never consider going anywhere other than Sparrow's Heart and Vascular Center. "They're going to take good care of you," she says. "I feel very safe and secure at Sparrow."

Now, she can continue spoiling her grandchildren, traveling, and collecting Elvis memorabilia.