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About Medical Drug Testing

Refrain from urination for at least one hour prior to reporting for specimen collection.

Consult with professional agent to identify an acceptable location for the collection. Special arrangements must be made with the laboratory before a specimen can be obtained and processed.

At time of collection each donor must present:

  1. Written authorization from the professional agent requesting the testing which includes the following:
    • Professional agency/agent requesting the testing
    • Sparrow account number (if available)
    • Name of donor
    • Alternate donor identification number if requesting professional agent does not wish donor's name to appear in laboratory records or on reporting and  invoicing documents.
    • Donor Social Security Number, date of birth, address
    • Billing information
    • Reason for the test request
    • Specific test/panel to be performed
    • Name & phone number of the professional representative or agent authorizing the testing.
    • Date & time that the authorization form was completed by the professional agent requesting the testing.
  2. Picture identification
  3. Each donor is expected to provide an acceptable specimen at time of collection (i.e., sufficient volume and quality).

Do not call the laboratory for results. Reports will be sent directly and only to the professional agent authorizing the testing.