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Eduardo Alvarado of Lansing struggled to finish his walk with Big Sam, his two-year-old Rottweiler, on a summer day in 2009. Sparrow’s Heart and Vascular Center soon discovered that three arteries to his heart were almost fully blocked.

Following triple bypass surgery at Sparrow, he is grateful for a second chance at life. “I have to thank the doctors at Sparrow,” he says. His cardiologist is Dr. Eugene Choo.

Alvarado, 58, remembers that fateful walk very well. “At the corner it started raining, so we started heading home. It just took me a long time to get there. I went to the doctor and they said if I didn’t go to the hospital then I would have keeled over and had a stroke.”

Now, Alvarado says, he is eating right and getting exercise. Staff at Sparrow helped him get on the right track with educational material on a healthy diet and foods to avoid. “Everyone was excellent about everything. Everytime I turned around someone was willing to help me,” he says.

He is so confident in Sparrow services that he recently referred his brother-in-law to the Heart and Vascular Center for quadruple bypass surgery. “We talked and that’s why he chose there.”