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This class is offered multiple times a month.

Two week day evenings, One Day option either 9am-2:30pm or 3:30pm-9pm

Location:  Classes are available in the Lansing area; will be emailed at a later date. 

Class Fee: $100 per couple 

We will be holding all classes on Zoom instead of in person, until further notice. 

PHP and SPHN Insurance now covers cost of this program please use registration form below.

Financial Assistance is available for this class for details email:

Are you interested in learning as much as you can about childbirth and would like to be informed and educated when you are asked to make decisions during the labor process? This class will give you all the knowledge, practice, and information that you need to have an informed, calm and relaxed delivery. This class is recommended for both first time parents and for parents that have not delivered in a few years. In this class, you will practice your labor and also have a chance to ask your questions. Come and meet other couples and share your birthing journey. This class is taught by a childbirth educator.


Week 1 Topics: Third Trimester of Pregnancy, Warning Signs, Preterm Labor, Labor & Childbirth   

Week 2 Topics: Breathing & Relaxation Techniques, Comfort Measures during Labor, Childbirth Interventions, C-Sections, Labor Rehearsal, Postpartum Recovery 


One Day 

Sunday, January 17th 9am-2:30pm

Sunday, February 21 9am-2:30pm

Saturday, March 20th 9am-2:30pm

Saturday, April 24th 9am-2:30pm

Two Week Series

Tuesdays, January 5th & 12th 6:30pm-9pm

Tuesdays, February 9th & 16th 6:30pm-9pm

Tuesdays, March 9th & 16th 6:30pm-9pm

Tuesdays, April 6th & 13th 6:30pm-9pm

***New dates will be added as they become available***

******Pre-registration is required.


WAYS TO REGISTER (Please note you will receive a registration email within 5 business days.)

Fill out this form if you are paying by Credit Card ONLY Registration Form  

        Fill out this form if you have Physicians Health Plan insurance or Sparrow Physician Health Network ONLY PHP or SPHN only Registration          

        Download the PDF REGISTRATION FORM and mail it in with your check, money order, credit card, or insurance information and send to: EPO 3315 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing, MI 48910