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Use sterile specimen containers, and tightly secure lids to prevent leakage. If the specimen is a prepared smear, please submit in a glass slide mailer or cardboard folder to prevent breakage.


The specimen container must be clearly labeled with the patient’s name, date of birth, and history number. All specimens submitted on glass slides must be clearly identified with the patients name; write clearly with a pencil on the frosted end of the slide(s).


All cytology specimens must be sent to the laboratory with a Sparrow Laboratory request form. Please make certain the labeled specimen and requesting document match. The request slip must identify the patient, and include specimen source, date of collection, clinical impression or diagnosis, all pertinent history, and name of the requesting physician.


Sparrow Laboratories offers a comprehensive menu of courier services ranging from routine specimen pick-up and report delivery to unusual requests requiring special arrangements. Routine courier pick-up and delivery times are defined to match individual customer needs.

To arrange courier services, please call Sparrow Laboratories, Client Services at 517.371.9500. When multiple tests are being requested; if possible please send a separate specimen for Cytology.

Please do not use swabs for Cytology specimen collection. The cellular material will be absorbed quickly into the fibers making processing and interpretation improbable.

All non-gynecological specimens that are fresh (unfixed) need to be delivered to the laboratory as soon as possible after collection.