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First known as the Clinton Health Foundation (1985), Sparrow Clinton Hospital Foundation is dedicated to securing a healthy future for its patients. The Foundation assists Sparrow Clinton Hospital in providing quality healthcare for you, your family and the entire community. Funds raised purchase state-of-the-art technology, facility and service improvements.

In 2006, the Foundation merged with the hospital and became what is now the Sparrow Clinton Hospital Foundation. All costs of the Foundation are covered by the general Hospital budget, so100% of donations are dedicated to the designated purpose of those gifts. The Foundation is led by a Foundation Committee, a standing committee of the Hospital board of directors along with the Foundation executive director and assistant.

Private support has always played a major role in the delivery of outstanding healthcare at Sparrow Clinton Hospital. The Hospital was started with donations from the community. Over the past decade, the Foundation raised more than $1,500,000 for facility enhancement, including a new CT scanner. Other recently funded projects include: cardiopulmonary function equipment, gynecological surgical equipment, surgical equipment, digital EKG system, central monitoring system for Emergency Services, and a colonoscope.

Ongoing projects include community food distribution, hospice, Safe Kids Clinton County and the Whyman Scholarships for students pursuing medical careers.