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Aquatic (pool program) (offered at Sparrow Professional Building)

Water therapy develops overall physical fitness concentrating on strength, endurance, balance and mobility. Patients are evaluated before beginning an aquatics program.

Audiology (Clinton location)

Audiology services include hearing evaluations for ages four and up, hearing aid evaluations, hearing aid dispensing and repair, custom made ear plugs for hearing conservation (to help prevent damage from noise) and Central Auditory Processing screening.

Hand Therapy

Hand therapists offer specialized rehabilitation for finger, hand, wrist, and elbow injuries. Whether it may be conservative treatment or post-operative care for arthritis, fractures, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, or other conditions, our highly experienced hand therapists can help regain motion, strength, and ultimately promote the return to prior function.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps individuals achieve maximum independence in activities of daily living and life skills, such as self-care, homemaking, and vocationally-related tasks. Our experienced team of registered occupational therapists provides individualized treatment programs that involve instruction in adaptive equipment and functional activities to help return the patient to the highest level of functioning.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy assists in restoring or compensating for lost mobility and physical function. Our licensed physical therapy team will evaluate your physical limitation, establish goals, and provide an individualized treatment plan and home program. After the completion of therapy you will be re-evaluated to ensure that your goals were met for the best possible outcome.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy provides comprehensive evaluations and treatments for patients who have trouble with slurred speech, swallowing and difficulty with memory, reading, writing and expressing thoughts. Our speech-language pathologists are certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and provide an individualized treatment plan that focuses on re-establishing functional communication.

Sports Medicine

In cooperation with your physician, physical therapist and certified athletic trainer, an individualized program is developed to help patients with athletic injuries. In most cases, the athletic trainer will design and supervise the program, modifying the program within the healing process. The certified athletic trainer must also be familiar with therapeutic modalities and therapeutic exercise techniques if the rehabilitation program is to be successful.

Vestibular Program

The vestibular program provides a comprehensive treatment approach for patients with vestibular dysfunction (balance disorders). This approach uses exercises to reduce symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, loss of balance, lack of coordination, and problems with walking. All patients receiving vestibular therapy will receive a complete evaluation of the problem and an individualized treatment plan.

Wellness Center (Clinton location)

The Sparrow Clinton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is a 9,000 square foot facility.  Health club facilities feature advanced exercise and training equipment, along with flat screen television.  Each year, we offer a number of educational and wellness programs including group and individual exercise programs, aerobics, Pilates and yoga. In addition, we coordinate CPR, first aid and babysitting classes.

  • Individual Exercise: The Clinton Memorial Wellness program encourages an active lifestyle by enabling an individual to exercise independently, tone muscles and improve cardiovascular conditioning in our professionally staffed facility.
  • Classes: Step, Sculpting, Yoga and Pilates classes are all available. Please call for class schedule. A personal trainer is also available for consultations.
  • Membership: We offer family and student rates along with a variety of specials throughout the year. A free orientation is included with each membership. For more information, please call 989.224.1575.