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Sparrow Joint Replacement Center has helped thousands of people return to a more comfortable, fulfilling life. Among them are these inspiring individuals:


Caring for others has always been Jean’s focus in life. But when arthritis in her hips and knee made it difficult to get around, she had to rely on others. Then she turned to Sparrow for care. Read Jean’s story.


Watching her climb a staircase to the golf course club house, you’d never guess this 47-year-old mother had a total hip replacement. Read Connie’s story.


Degenerative arthrosis in both knees left Sandra with “a very deep, aching pain that hurt with every step.” No longer. Read Sandra’s story.


When a long-forgotten injury returned with a vengeance, this active young father tried — and finally failed — to play through it. Today he’s back in the game. Read John’s story.