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Our orthopedic rehabilitation team is a core group of professionals, including physical therapists, occupational therapist, physical therapy assistants and certified occupational therapy assistants. This team is dedicated to providing consistent, effective and customer-focused rehabilitative care to orthopedic patients — while also giving support and guidance to their families and caregivers.

Patients are usually seen twice a day by physical therapy for gait (walking) training with or without aids such as crutches or walkers. Instruction in gait on level surfaces and stairs is also a key element of care. Physical therapists also provide education and practice in bed mobility and moving to and from the toilet and shower, along with any applicable precautions. Strengthening exercises, emphasizing muscles in the surgical limb, are also included in the therapy sessions.

Occupational therapy focuses on helping patients regain skills to complete functional tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting. Occupational therapists may also provide or recommend certain equipment for the bathroom or kitchen and to aid in the completion of dressing tasks. Patients are seen daily after surgery or as needed to assist in regaining their daily living skills.