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Dear Nursing Colleagues,

Congratulations on a successful year of transforming Patient care at Sparrow! This annual report highlights the exceptional work that Sparrow Nurses accomplish on a daily basis, as well as the successful initiatives that are transforming the quality of care we provide to our community.

At Sparrow, we believe research and education are fundamental to our nursing practice, and evidence-based practice is absolutely key to quality Patient care. In 2010 we continued to transform nursing practice and raise the standards of nursing excellence by supporting nursing research through fellowships and bedside mentorship with Michigan State University faculty. The Sue Tadgerson Fund supported staff Nurses in their pursuit of continuing education, as well as national poster and podium presentations.

The driving force behind Sparrow Nursing is our Transformational Model of Professional Practice. It communicates nursing's unique contribution to the Health System through Professional Practice, Performance Improvement, Quality Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, and Leadership Development.

These elements govern the overarching goals of our strategic planning process. The model provides a structure for organizing our work and promotes focus to achieve extraordinary outcomes. As we look to Magnet redesignation, the outstanding results showcased in this report exemplify Sparrow Nursing. The Nursing Operational Plan continues to guide our progress in our pillars of clinical quality, service, people, resources and growth.

Our deepest gratitude is extended to each Sparrow Nurse who goes beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary in delivering radical loving care to our Patients. Thank you for your dedication to excellence and commitment to compassionate, Patient-centered care. What a time to be a Sparrow Nurse!

Our very best regards,

Elizabeth Henry, MN, RN
Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services
Chief Nursing Officer

CarolA.Dwyer, MSN, MM, RN
Vice President, Nursing

The Magnet Model

This report is organized based on the Magnet Model, which is the blueprint for Sparrow Nursing's success. Whether in leadership, professional practice, or new innovations, Sparrow Nurses are constantly working to improve outcomes.

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