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Sparrow has an ethical and professional responsibility to patient care, the community, and the profession in terms of new knowledge, innovations, and improvements. Whether it's research, the application of existing evidence or new evidence, it's all part of the science of nursing.

New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements


Nursing Research Studies Approved in 2011 Include:

Acute Confusion after Propofol Administration in the Older Adult: Cheryl Adams, BSN, SRNA; Stacey DeVries, BSN, SRNA; Jodie Emerson, MSN, CRNA; Gayle Lourens, BSN, MS, CRNA; Jennifer Patrick, BSN, SRNA; Henry C. Talley V, PhD, MSN, CRNA

The Effects of Calming Music as it Relates to Job Satisfaction for Night Shift Nurses within one Critical Care Unit: Anna Doutree, BSNc, RN

Acupressure for Persistent Cancer Related Fatigue: Gwen Wyatt, PhD , RN

Medical Residents and Organizational Culture: An Assessment of Safety Climate Perception: Marie Ring, MPA c, BS, RN

Concussion Knowledge and Practices of High School Coaches: Penny Stevens, DNP, RN

Breastfeeding and Lactation Support: Does a Onetime Education Session and Workshop for Hospital Clinical Nursing Staff Improve Knowledge, Attitudes and Decrease the Number of Lactation Consults requested by Nursing Staff?: Deb Nault, MSN, RN, and Stephenie Brummette, BSN, RN

Home Based Symptom Management via Reflexology for Patients with Breast Cancer: Gwen Wyatt, PhD, RN

Health Care Worker Knowledge and Attitude Regarding MRSA and Contact Precautions: Robin Roach, MS, RN, CIC

Identifying Care Challenges among Diabetic Patients with Cancer: Denise Hershey, PhD, FNP-BC


In September 2011 Debra Schutte, PhD, RN, was engaged as our MSU Nursing Research Consultant. In this role, Debra serves as a mentor to Clinical Nurse Specialists and other nurses interested in conducting an evidence-based practice project or nursing research study.

Evidence Based Practice

Pressure-relieving devices in the OR setting by Michelle VanBuren, RN, and Lynn Raynor, MSN, RN, CNOR (OR)

Early Use of Incentive Spirometry to Improve Postoperative Pulmonary Outcomes by Mary Kathryn Medei, RN-BC, Brooke Wood, RN, CMSN, and Catherine Brennan, MSN, RN (7 Neumann)

Developmental Care to Improve Outcomes in Premature Infants by Lea Collins, RNC-NIC, Sarah Davis, RN, and Kathy Marble, MSN, RNC-NIC (RNICU)

Healthy Work Environments in the PACU Setting by Christine Blocher, BSN, RN, Gale Hufnagel, MSN, RN, CCRN and Mary Kisting, MSN, RN, PCCRN (PA CU)


Catherine Brennan, MSN, RN, presented a poster at the National Clinical Nurse Specialist Conference in Baltimore, MD.

Leah Cohen, MSN, RN, CCRN, presented a poster, "Shifting the Culture: Charting a Course to Eliminate Restraint Use, While Maintaining a Safe Environment" at the American Association of Critical Care Nurses Annual National Teaching Institute in Chicago.

Marianne George, BSN, RN-BC, provided an update at the ECC-MI Conference as BLS National Faculty in Frankenmuth.

Sherry Lynn Werth, MSN, RN, CWOCN, presented a poster on her research study, "Bridging the Knowledge Gap: From In-Patient to Home for the New Ostomy Patient at the national WOCN conference in New Orleans, La.

Jan Hodges MSN, RN-BC, was an invited speaker at the Michigan Nursing Summit, held in Ann Arbor. Jan presented, "Transitioning to New Practice Areas."

Conferences and Symposiums

Nursing Community Research Day was held at Sparrow. Three Sparrow nurses presented posters. Beth McLellan, RN, IBCLC, presented her evidence-based practice project, "Advancing Oral Feedings in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit." Kathy Marble, MSN, RN-NIC, and Debra Nault, MSN, RN, presented "Michigan BioTrust for Health: Parental Consent and Education Process."

Cynthia Dupuis, RN, attended the National Teaching Institute in Chicago, Ill.

Diane Goddeeris, RN, BSN, and Sarah Liberato, RN, BSN, attended the 12th Annual TraceVue Users Conference.

Deb Kelterborn, BSN, RN, CARN, attended the American Psychiatric Nurses Association 25th Annual Conference. Anaheim, Calif.

Tracey Rosan-Miller, BSN, RN-BC, and Linda Stasiuk, BSN, RN-BC, attended the National Nurses in Staff Development Conference in Chicago, Ill.

Kay Kaminga, BSN, RN, attended the 21st Annual Summer Institute of Nursing Informatics in Boston, Mass.

Sparrow Nurses attended the Annual ANCC national Magnet Conference in Baltimore, Md. Attendees included Carol Dwyer, MSN, MM, RN-CENP, Jan Hodges, MSN, RN-BC, Mary Kisting, MSN, RN-CCRNP, Kathy Marble, MSN-ED, RNC-NIC, Lynn Raynor, MSN, RN, CNOR, and Chastity Warren, MSN, RN.

The Second Annual Nursing Research Symposium was held on Oct. 21 with 59 participants. Elizabeth Henry provided the welcome. Dr. Kathleen Bobay from Marquette University gave the keynote address. Following the morning session Dr. Bobay rounded in the clinical areas with staff and clinical nurse specialists. Dr. Deb Schutte, our MSU Research Consultant, also participated in the rounds. The focus was to involve the staff in identifying their burning questions for potential evidence-based practice projects.

Nursing Education provided a "Back to School" event in the SPB Atrium with five nursing programs in attendance. Nursing caregivers were able to obtain information about the RN to BSN and Master's programs. A new participant was Georgetown University, which has pleased with the interest in their program and would like to establish a scholarship for our nurses.