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No matter how rewarding our careers are, there’s more to life. One reason we work is to provide the things we need and enjoy for a balanced life. Mid-Michigan provides ample opportunities to pursue whatever drives you.

The Greater Lansing area brings cosmopolitan flair to just about every aspect of life and caters to every lifestyle—singles, families with young children and those about to leave the nest. It’s also a great place to remain through your retirement years.

Our cultural diversity provides a public gathering place for just about every form of religion. To restore your soul, escape to the serenity offered by the Cooley Gardens, Michigan State University Botanical Gardens, or simply sit beneath the trees lining the Grand and Red Cedar rivers. Sparrow is home to the state’s first labyrinth on a hospital campus, which is always open for introspection.

Enjoy the four seasons and all they provide

Our location in the middle of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula allows us to enjoy four full seasons. Yes, you’ll appreciate air conditioning on most summer days, and you’ll certainly need a snow shovel in winter. But you’ll appreciate all that our weather bestows, from awakening spring gardens and forests to crisp fall walks along Lansing’s eight-mile urban river trail. Summers full of boating, swimming, baseball and dinner on the patio. And winters with cross-country skiing, skating, tobogganing and evenings by the fire.

It’s in the middle of everywhere.

You could hardly pick a more ideal location. The Greater Lansing area is large enough to serve your needs, yet small enough to easily get around. It’s circled by interstates that take you to Chicago, Detroit and the beauty of Northern Michigan. We’re served by Amtrak, Capital Region International Airport and a robust public transportation system. And housing options span stately old neighborhoods, trendy loft apartments and family-friendly subdivisions.

And of course, excellent health care.

No matter your age or family makeup, you want and need exceptional health care. That’s why we’re here. Isn’t it time you joined us?

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